Are you looking for quality control? Product protection? Or do you want to keep products as fresh as possible?

We are strong in packing, sorting and repacking vegetables, fruit, meal boxes and last but not least Christmas hampers! With our extensive production area, machines and repacking lines, we are a highly dynamic company with an eye for efficient and careful production. We also focus on more sustainable production. For example, our top seal is a good substitute for the plastic lid. We buy packaging materials that are produced in a CO2-neutral manner. And we keep abreast of sustainable packaging alternatives.

Hard fruit – pears (including Nashi) and apples

  • Repacking
  • Quality control
  • Sorting
  • Packing: apple bags, flowpack and foodtainers


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Bell peppers and tomatoes

  • Repacking
  • Packing: flowpack with/without trays, foodtainers
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Did you know that we pack blueberries below 5 °C? And that they are stored at around 1 °C? This is done to prevent condensation and avoid the risk of mould formation. 

  • Topseal
  • Clamshell
  • Bucket
  • Tray with top

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  • Sorting
  • Repacking
  • Packing: flowpack, topseal and clamshell
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  • Repacking
  • Quality control

But that’s not all. We also pack:

Meal boxes

We pack around 14.000 meal packages per week. Our regular team ensures that we can build on this specialisation. Thanks to our high level of accuracy, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Because this is what meal packaging is all about! A complete and fresh package that meets the recipe. We can't make it any fresher, but we can make it more complete.

I’m looking for a reliable partner for our meal boxes

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Christmas hampers

In addition to meal packaging, we also do Christmas hampers. With attractive Christmas hampers you show your appreciation for your employees or business relations. And that's what a Christmas hamper is all about: appreciation and attention!

Do you want attractive and complete Christmas hampers?

kerstpakket its a modern day urban jungle

Why us?

  • Flexibility
  • We take care of everything
  • Focus on solutions
  • Production area of 3000 m2
  • 2 flowpack machines
  • 2 blueberry processing machines
  • 1 apple / pear bag line
  • 2 topseal machines
  • Various repacking lines

Goes Handling operates two locations: one in De Meern and one in Barendrecht (Kivits-Goes Handling). This enables us to act quickly and flexibly and ensures that we always have sufficient capacity.

Try us!

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